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We are a passionate team of artists, collectors, and technologists. We started Artiful as a brand of Adamation in 2012 to bring a new genre of beautiful art to the world. We’ve mastered 3D printing as a medium to create works of art that are stunningly provocative. 3D printing enables our artists to bring their digital inspirations to life physically in a manner that is not possible in any other medium, allowing them to push the boundaries of their creativity and expression.

The Artiful collection is all digital work. Most of our art was a collaborative effort between a 2D artist or ceramist, working in traditional mediums, and a 3D modeler with exquisite talents. We commission artists who tell fascinating stories though their art. We will commission more authentic works, as we discover fresh artists that embrace 3D printing as an artistic medium.

As technology professionals, 3D printing appealed to our desire to transform how art is envisioned, expressed, and produced. It allows us to reproduce each piece of art specifically for you when ordered. This personal on-demand manufacturing process enables us to focus our time and capital into the creation of art rather than maintaining mass manufacturing infrastructure and inventory warehousing.

Our relationships with artists are global, however, our art is 3D printed in Oakland, California. All Artiful works are made from a limestone powder compound. It is similar to sandstone in texture. The artifacts are vividly colored during the 3D printing process. However, color uniformity can vary. The print layers can be faintly seen on some objects. We feel this adds distinctive character to the artifact.

Each Artiful piece is meticulously finished by hand. This brings a human quality to the manufacturing process. It also requires that we patiently inspect each and every piece to ensure that it meets our highest level of quality before delivering a masterpiece to you.

Our art is unique and special. We want you to feel the same way too by not seeing it everywhere. That’s why you can only purchase our works from our online store and select retail boutiques.

Since Artiful is about the artist and their expression, we want you to hear directly from them on where they draw their inspiration. We hope you are moved to want to own one of their extraordinary works of art. We have something for every taste and every place, just imagine how Artiful would adorn your home or delight someone with such a special gift from our growing collection.